Segwit bitcoin wallet is now available in Lumi Wallet App. You can create a separate BTC wallet with bc1 address in the app. It will be available along with the legacy bitcoin wallet. You can use a segwit wallet, a legacy wallet or both of them at the same time.

To add a segwit wallet, please go to the Wallets tab, tap on +Add wallets, search for BTC and select the segwit address.

You can send your funds from any of these wallets both to the segwit addresses (that start with bc1) and to legacy addresses (that start with 1 and 3). Please note that the network fees are lower in the segwit BTC wallet.

You can find the segwit and legacy addresses in the app's setting > General > Wallet addresses > Bitcoin addresses. On the External chain tab you will find all the addresses displayed in the app, you can use any of them to receive crypto. On the Internal chain tab you will find the addresses used by the wallet to send the BTC change once the outgoing transaction is performed.