There are several ways to track your transactions: inside the app and using the blockchain explorers. Let's explore your options.


Inside Lumi Wallet you can find the list of your transactions:

  • On the "overview" screen;
  • Inside the wallets themselves. For example, to see the list of your recent BTC transactions, you can go to the "wallets" screen, pick the bitcoin wallet and you will see all the recent actions;
  • In the "activity" tab. 


If you tap on the transaction, you will see the details of the transaction: to, from, hash, fee, link to the blockchain explorer. You can also export all these details with 1 tap. 


You can also track your transactions in the blockchain explorer using the transaction hash or your wallet address. You can use for BTC transactions and for ETH transactions, or any other explorer. 


If you search your wallet address in the explorer you will see the list of all the transactions to and from your address. You can also use the transaction hash to find the necessary transaction.


If you need help tracking the transaction, please get in touch with us, we will be happy to help!