To exchange your coins, go to the exchange tab in the web wallet and follow these steps: 

  1. Choose the coin or token you want to exchange from.
  2. Then choose the coin or token you want to exchange.
  3. Enter the necessary amount, check all of the details, and tap “Exchange”.

Then wait until the transaction goes through and receive the exchanged funds.

We work with our partner Changelly. They process the exchanges. Changelly is a cryptocurrency exchange that mostly doesn’t require revealing identities or any personal data. 

However, some transactions can be put on hold by the Changelly Security Department, pending the completion of the AML & KYC verification. AML refers to "Anti-Money Laundering" and KYC refers to "Know Your Customer".

Funds stay frozen and won’t be released until a user provides all the documents and proofs required.

You can read more about Changelly AML & KYC policy here.