Lumi allows you to exchange any token supported both by Lumi and our exchange partner Changelly. There are several reasons why you cannot exchange tokens:


1. You haven't added your tokens to Lumi. 

Tap “Wallets” then tap “+” and choose the necessary token. After these steps you will be able to exchange both coins and tokens.

2. You do not have enough ETH on your balance to pay the fee.

In order to exchange Ethereum or any Ethereum-based token (ERC20 tokens), you need to have enough ETH in your account to pay the network fee. Otherwise, your transaction cannot be completed. The amount of the required ETH commission for the transaction is displayed in the "Fee" field.

3. Sometimes Changelly does not let you change certain coins or tokens due to their low trading volumes. 

Please contact us if you encounter any difficulties during the exchange, we will be happy to help.