Lumi is one simple wallet for all your needs. Buy, exchange and access your funds securely from anywhere in the world via web and mobile. Here is how you can start using Lumi in just 3 steps:


1. The first step is to download Lumi. It is available for Android. You can also use the web version of the wallet, you can find more information here.


2. The second step is to create a wallet. Create a new one or import your current wallet with the BIP44 abbreviation path. To keep your personal data safe create a PIN code. You will be able to choose whether to use PIN-code or Touch/Face ID.


3. The third step is to back up your wallet.

Before conducting any transactions, please, write down your mnemonic phrase. Make a backup of your wallet for this purpose. Go to the sidebar and press "General" > "Backup wallet". Write down 12 words one by one and keep it safe. 

Pay attention! You cannot recover your wallet if you forget or lose your mnemonic phrase!

When all the security points are mentioned you can have a look at the overview screen. Here you can find some hot buttons and your recent activity.